Shopping Tour in Dresden

Dresden has many unique locations for shopping special and beautiful things.

There are, of course, the spacious shopping malls in the inner city – they bring you all the international brands you would expect in a metropolis.

But if you are looking for something different, things you won’t find anywhere else – why not join your guide into the narrow streets of Dresden Baroque Quarter and Outer Neustadt?  

The Baroque Quarter is the place with the highest concentration of artisan shops in Dresden. Charming arcades have sprung up in the Baroque townhouses. Numerous artisans, artist galleries, antique shops, high-class boutiques and various eating establishments combine a unique shopping experience, delicate handicrafts and relaxation opportunities.

After that we delve into the colourful and multicultural atmosphere of Dresden’s „alternative center“, Outer Neustadt. This is where students and artists live. Here is Dresden’s most trendy neighbourhood with an exciting history and an abundance of unusual bars, shops and artist’s workshops.

If you are looking for sandals made of camel leather, salt from the Dead Sea, an evening dress made of a boiler suit – anything is possible! Many special things are made out of ordinary materials and delicate works of art out of all stuffs imaginable.

You will find aromatic spices, fragant tea, beautiful pottery and many unique artefacts, often made and sold in tiny locations by very interesting persons who can tell you compelling stories – in the end you might like to close the day in a typical Neustadt pub or restaurant.

You don’t have to buy anything! Just look around, rummage, experience, learn, feel and enjoy –

Don’t worry – Most of the people in the Neustadt speak English fluently. And if you meet someone who doesn’t, I am always there to cross the language barrier for you!





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Fee for the Guide: 45,- Euro per hour.