Terms and Conditions


Karolina Borowski, Dresdner-in, Stadtführungen Dresden Schubertstr. 25, 01307 Dresden, Germany

is the contractor and performs city walks, tours and travel services. She also acts as agent for touristic services such as: Tickets for museum tickets, theatres, Semperoper, steamboat, vehicle and bus rental etc. The contract is made directly with the respective service provider, applicable are his terms and conditions.



Booking is normally made in writing via email, mail or fax. The confirmation is also in writing. In exceptional circumstances it is also possible to book by telephone. In this case there should at least be a confirmation by Whatsapp, SMS etc.



Booking can be canceled by the customer within 5 days without charge, but no later than 5 days before the agreed date.

If the customer cancels the booking later than 5 days before the date we reserve the right to charge 50% of the contract value as cancellation fee.

If the contract is canceled less than 24 hours before the agreed date the cancellation fee is 80%.

In case the customer does not turn up at the agreed date the cancellation  fee is 100%. The contractor will wait for 30 minutes at the meeting point unless the customer informs him by phone.


It is always possible, of course, that you, the customer, are delayed for a variety of reasons. Please understand that in this case the booked time span may be reduced if the contractor has a follow-up contract with another customer right after your booking. 

In case the contractor is late (which, incidentally, never happened so far) the tour will be extended to the booked  length of time.


Payment is normally done in cash on the spot. You will be receiving an invoice or a receipt with proper tax rates. For a proper invoice we will need your postal address. After previous agreement it is also possible to pay by bank transfer.



In case the contractor can not appear in person at the booked date, the service will be provided by another licensed city guide. This is no reason for a reduction of the fee, because the service will be fully provided. 

Guided tours will normally be performed in all weathers.



The contractor is a member of Berufsverband Dresdner Gästeführer e.V. (Association of Dresden City Guides). This professional association provides their members with a professional liability insurance and a financial liability insurance.

Extensive information (in German) is available here: www.bvgd.org.