"Costume Tour: Dresden Christmas"

Walking tour through the Dresden Christmas Markets with the portly baker Zacharias Zuckerkern (aka actor and singer Dr. Stephan Reher)

Dresden – the Christmas City! – Can you smell the enticing scents of cinnamon and incense wafting through the air? Isn’t your mouth watering at the thought of a cup of delicious spiked Christmas punch? Wouldn’t you like a slice of stollen, that tasty German Christmas cake?

But what’s behind everything that the Striezelmarkt and the other Christmas markets have to offer?

Go on a clever and contemplative yuletide excursion with the portly baker Zacharias Zuckerkern.

Come with me and find out:

  • What in the world is a Pflaumentoffel?
  • Why do pyramids rotate in Germany?
  • Where is the longest Christmas cake in the world?
  • What will a whispering stollen tell us?
  • Just how lucky is Neunerlei, the nine-course Christmas Eve meal?

If you want to know the answers, then this is the tour for you! Zacharias  will show you around the exotic world of Christmas in Dresden and the city’s Christmas markets. He’ll let you in on all of the Saxon secrets: Dresden Christmas traditions, specialties from the Ore Mountains, Christmas anecdotes, stories and songs to laugh, dream and sing along to. And of course the portly baker will show you where the best mulled wine is!

2 hour costume walking tour – Fee for your portly guide, the baker Zacharias 245,- Euro  

Special offers including mulled wine or nonalcoholic Christmas punch available on request

The group size should not exceed 25 persons –

Only in the Christmas Season – Not on Saturdays!

"Dresden Ghosts – The spooky city tour!"

The secret archivist Lindhorst (aka actor and singer Dr. Stephan Reher) will introduce you to the ghosts of the Saxon residence in a costume tour at night.

When night falls, the streets are empty and the bats circle the Hausmann Tower, a different world comes into view: the Dresden ghosts step out of their vaults, from the waves of the Elbe, out of mysterious cellars and the deep dark past – into the light of the moon.

Secret Archivist Lindhorst knows them all because he lives in their world.

On this entertaining walking tour you’ll learn all about the white lady on Palace Square, the ghost of the Bishop of Meissen, the walled-in nun on Rosemary Lane, the student Anselmus and his love of a green snake and much, much more.

Have a look at Dresden that no mortal has ever seen. –

Only after nightfall!

2 hour costume walking tour with spooky stories and fantastic songs – Fee for your guide Mr. Lindhorst: 245,- Euro

"Dresden criminal tour"

In this entertaining costume tour Doctor Watson (aka actor and singer Dr. Stephan Reher) leads you on a musical trail through Dresden’s crime scenes.

Feared bandits, unscrupulous killers and crafty con men – all of them were up to no good in the Saxon royal residence. Some of them have even become the heroes of verses and songs, anecdotes and witty horror stories.

These include the bandit Lips Tullian and the Black Guard from the Tharandt Forest, the notorious Johannes Karasek and the con man Karl May, otherwise known as one of Germany’s most celebrated authors of adventure literature and inventor of the Apache Chief Winnetou.

Famous criminals also need celebrity victims: for example, the great Dresden painter Gerhard von Kügelgen, who bumped into an assassin; the violin virtuoso Gunkel, whose ex-lover shot him in the tram; even the Saxon King himself was in on the fun!

Dresden’s history is more exciting than a mystery thriller!

This musical costume tour is a entertaining and humourous city walk for mystery fans. You will see the scenes of famous historical crimes and hear the criminal secrets of Dresden’s alleyways.

2 hour musical walking tour – Doctor Watson’s fee: 245,- Euro

"Musical City Tour"

Mr. Balthasar Briesemuth Biedermann (aka actor and singer Stephan Reher) will show you around Dresden’s historic district, where the city’s breathtaking baroque skyline rises over the banks of the beautiful Elbe River.

The dignified gentleman in the red frock coat will show you the Cathedral, Theater Square, Semperoper Opera House, the Royal Palace and the Zwinger. We will also visit the resurrected New Market Square and the one and only Frauenkirche, also known as the Church of Our Lady.

Numbers, dates and buildings aren’t the focus of this entertaining tour, rather the faces behind the facades and the people who made history. Mr. Biedermann will take the bronze figures off of their pedestals and bring them to life for you.

Gallant tales, exciting intrigues, hearty ballads, tragic and amusing events – Bänkelsänger Biedermann knows them all and will let you in on Dresden’s most intimate secrets. Whether in myths or legends, satirical songs, history or tales, facts or rumors – you will never have been more informatively entertained or more amusingly informed!

On this costume tour you will experience a fascinating walk through the historic old town with Zwinger, Royal Palace, Theatre Square and Frauenkirche.

2 hour musical walking tour – Fee for Mr. Biedermann 245,- Euro

Alternative Offer:

Musical tour through the baroque quarters Innere Neustadt

Follow Mr. Biedermann to the baroque district built by Duke August the Strong as his royal city. Have a swinging stroll on the trail of  the Golden Rider around the elegant Königstraße with the Dreikönigskirche und the Japanese Palais. This magnificent part of the residence was originally preserved and is now meticulously restored to its former splendor.

2 hour musical walking tour  – Fee for Mr. Biedermann 245,- Euro

Combo Tour:

You can combine both tours…

for an entertaining and diverting overview walking tour with many lively songs, in-depth information and amusing anecdotes.

Mr. Biedermann’s fee for a 3 hour musical walking tour 295,- Euro

These tours do not include inside visits of museums, cathedrals etc.!

This tour can also be given in baroque dress:

musikalischer Dresden Altstadt Rundgang in barocker Robe

"Costume Tour with August the Strong"

Dresden – A Golden City in its Golden Age!

Duke Augustus the Strong receives you in a private Audience and shows you his personal sights of Dresden.

Join Augustus the Strong on a walk throug Dresden’s Historical District, full of gallant stories, amusing anecdotes and loads of fun and information!

He will show you his own special Dresden experience – as it was in his lifetime: Gallant, luxurious and full of splendour.

He loves art, theatre and luxury. His most wonderful treasure, the Zwinger Palace, is what you might call his own party location.

So he has a lot to tell – about his life and times, his beautiful city, and of course his many mistresses!

Get to know the truth about Countess Cosel’s tragical fate, broken horse shoes, August’s legendary strength and his crowd of children.

The City Walk with August the Strong comprises:
Zwinger Palace, Semper Opera House at Theatre Square, Taschenbergpalais, Procession of the Princes (Fürstenzug), Royal Palace, Cathedral at the Palace Square, Frauenkirche and New Market – and many more

1,5-2 hour walking tour with Duke August the Strong 245,- Euro

Special Offer:

If you’d rather stay inside and have an evening entertainment for your farewell dinner, company event, anniversary, wedding, birthday or etc. then why not book an Audience with the Duke indoors in a nice historical atmosphere?

Or would you like a show on a bigger scale – with courtiers, mistresses, dancers, court jester etc.?

We can give you a whole baroque experience!

Just contact me and we’ll fix your personal arrangement

"Night tour of Dresden Old Town"

Walk Dresden’s alleys with the Night Watchman

When night falls over Dresden’s Old Town, follow the Night Guard on his way through dark alleys and the magical atmosphere of romantically lit squares and streets. 

Enjoy Zwinger, Semperoper and Frauenkirche by the light of the night – a very special experience. The Dresden Night Watchman sings his songs, and entertains you with funny or mildly scary stories about the history of Dresden, its beautiful buildings, interesting people – and their secrets they hid in dark places…

1,5-2 hour walking tour with the Night Guard 245,- Euro

Special Offer:
If you have already experienced the Old Town why not join the Night Watchman on a walk through the Baroque Quarters right on the opposite side of the river Elbe? A picturesque historical district awaits you there, built by Duke Augustus the Strong 300 years ago – you will see the Japanese Palais, the Golden Horseman, the baroque boulevard Königsstrasse with beautiful courts, gardens, alleys and passages.

The Video you see here is in German – the tour for you will be in English, of course!