Musical City Tour

Mr. Balthasar Briesemuth Biedermann (aka actor and singer Stephan Reher) will show you around Dresden’s historic district, where the city’s breathtaking baroque skyline rises over the banks of the beautiful Elbe River.

The dignified gentleman in the red frock coat will show you the Cathedral, Theater Square, Semperoper Opera House, the Royal Palace and the Zwinger. We will also visit the resurrected New Market Square and the one and only Frauenkirche, also known as the Church of Our Lady.

Numbers, dates and buildings aren’t the focus of this entertaining tour, rather the faces behind the facades and the people who made history. Mr. Biedermann will take the bronze figures off of their pedestals and bring them to life for you.

Gallant tales, exciting intrigues, hearty ballads, tragic and amusing events – Bänkelsänger Biedermann knows them all and will let you in on Dresden’s most intimate secrets. Whether in myths or legends, satirical songs, history or tales, facts or rumors – you will never have been more informatively entertained or more amusingly informed!

On this costume tour you will experience a fascinating walk through the historic old town with Zwinger, Royal Palace, Theatre Square and Frauenkirche.

2 hour musical walking tour – Fee for Mr. Biedermann 245,- Euro

Alternative Offer:

Musical tour through the baroque quarters Innere Neustadt

Follow Mr. Biedermann to the baroque district built by Duke August the Strong as his royal city. Have a swinging stroll on the trail of  the Golden Rider around the elegant Königstraße with the Dreikönigskirche und the Japanese Palais. This magnificent part of the residence was originally preserved and is now meticulously restored to its former splendor.

2 hour musical walking tour  – Fee for Mr. Biedermann 245,- Euro

Combo Tour:

You can combine both tours…

for an entertaining and diverting overview walking tour with many lively songs, in-depth information and amusing anecdotes.

Mr. Biedermann’s fee for a 3 hour musical walking tour 295,- Euro

These tours do not include inside visits of museums, cathedrals etc.!

This tour can also be given in baroque dress:

musikalischer Dresden Altstadt Rundgang in barocker Robe