From Dresden’s Old Town to the Baroque Quarter

First you will see the historic Old Town with its famous highlights like the Zwinger, Semper Opera, Frauenkirche, etc. After that we will take a pleasant walk over the Augustus Bridge to the opposite bank of the river Elbe – and a whole new part of the residence.

Like Prague’s famous Charles Bridge (Karlovy most) Dresden boasts of the Augustus bridge which leads directly from the Royal Palace to Dresden’s baroque quarters, called “The New King’s Town”.

Enjoy the splendid panorama view of the historic old town’s skyline and the scenic surroundings. Just arrived on the other side you stand before the „Golden Rider“ – the equestrian statue of Augustus the Strong, Duke of Saxony and King of Poland.

This is the start of the baroque quarter’s exciting story. The historic quarter has been originally preserved and meticulously restored. So you can walk past splendid patrician buildings, romantic courtyards with magnificent boutiques, artisan arcades, antique shops and high-class art galleries.

Other highlights of the tour are the Dreikönigskirche, the Japanese palais with its lavish park and the historic market hall.

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3 hour walking tour – Fee for the guide 180,- Euro