In the Footsteps of Countess Cosel: Dresden, Pillnitz and Stolpen

The tragic fate of Countess Cosel, her rise to the height of power and her fall to the wretched existence as a prisoner of her former lover, is the main topic of this interesting, emotional and entertaining trip.

Anna Constantia von Cosel is known to this day as the most famous mistress of Augustus the Strong, Duke of Saxony and King of Poland. She lived with Augustus in the lavish Taschenberg Palais in Dresden, and owned the splendid Pillnitz Palace, built in Asian style with its lush park grounds, surrounded by exotic plants and all the accommodation a lady could wish for in the festive times of baroque merriment.

The last 49 years of her life however she spent in solitude, imprisoned in the mighty tower of Castle Stolpen.

We will visit all these places on our trip and you will receive in-depth information of this exceptional and emotional story that lets you delve deeply into life, love and fate in the olden times of the baroque era.  

6-8 hour excursion, start and finish in Dresden – Guide’s Fee 285,- Euro

Upon request we can rent a bus, van or taxi for you. (Prices differ according to availability and group/vehicle size)