Radebeul – Moritzburg: Nostalgic ride on the Narrow-Gauge Railway

Excursion for indiviual guests or small groups. No bus is needed for this tour.

From Dresden we go by train to Radebeul Station – but then we will change to the historic narrow gauge steam railway, locally nicknamed the Lößnitzdackel (Lößnitz Dachshund). With full steam, but unhurriedly we will puff away through the scenic landscape! The engine is steaming, whistling and smelling like burnt coal – as it was in the olden days. A pleasure almost forgotten in our modern age of transport – but simply unforgettable. A moment of special excitement is when the train crosses the water … and you won’t get wet.

A short walk leads us to Moritzburg Palace, the baroque hunting lodge. Here you will feel like being in a fairy tale yourself, because Moritzburg is also the filming location for the popular Christmas movie “Three wishes for Cinderella”. Maybe you’ll find Cinderella’s famous lost shoe here. In 2019 Moritzburg palace was also a major shooting location for the film “Charlie’s Angels”.

You will have a guided tour through the lavish park around the palace in the picturesque setting of the Moritzburg pond landscape. You will hear exciting and funny stories about the activities of the court – not always hunting, to be sure – the sumptuous dinners and other good and bad habits of baroque times.

A short individual snack break, and then we will get back to Dresden with the public bus.

For groups with their own bus:
Transfers Dresden-Radebeul und Moritzburg-Dresden can be done with your own bus.
5 hour tour, start and finish in Dresden. Fee for the Guide 200,- Euro
Plus tickets for the narrow gauge train.

For Individuals and small groups without a bus)
5 hour tour, start and finish in Dresden.
Special offer for groups from 1-9 persons: Fee for the Guide 195,- Euro
From 10 Persones Fee for the Guide 235,- Euro
Prices plus Tickets for the train, narrow gauge steam train and public bus approximately 20 € per person.

Upon request we can book a guided tour through the baroque interior of the palace.
(Admission not included in the fee for the guide)